Dominik Trottier, born in 1991 in Beverly (MA), USA, is a digital compositor working on visual effects for feature films. Raised in the southern part of Germany he eventually moved to Berlin for his studies. After finishing university Dominik decided to go to London, where he is currently working at Double Negative.


In March 2016 Dominik graduated from university with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Film Design focusing on visual effects and compositing.

As part of his Bachelor thesis he has compared the monoscopic 2D, stereoscopic 3D and fully immersive 360 degree medium to each other. To do this he created a visual effects shot from scratch based on the science fiction space movie Gravity. His work has been featured in the DIGITAL PRODUCTION (02|2017), Germany's leading magazine for animation and visual effects.

In 2015 Dominik completed a five month internship at ARRI Media Visual Effects in Berlin where he worked on his first feature film Colonia Dignidad. Gaining experience in VFX for commercials and music videos, he has also worked at Storz & Escherich in Berlin.

In addition to creating visual effects, Dominik was responsible for the editing of the animago Still and AWARD trailers at the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2015. He also attended the event, shot footage with his camera and cut the event clip.


His most recent film credits include Christoper Nolan's Dunkirk, Daniel Espinosa's Life and Zack Snyder's Justice League.